Lawn Edging Heavy Duty 2mm Plastic Edging

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“Heavy Duty Easy Enviro” 2mm Best4garden Lawn edging.

  • Makes your garden look neat and tidy by adding a clean line to the lawn and path edge.

  • Great for strimmer and shear users as it is not corrugated.

  • 2mm thickness will last for 20 years or more.

  • Easy to install, flexible and strong.

  • Can be bent into any angle or curve to fit your garden.

  • Cuts to size and is maintenance free.

  • 100% safe as there are no sharp edges to harm children or pets.

  • Frost and UV resistant.

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic.


Lawn edgings that last for years

High quality 2mm lawn edging which is weather proof, meaning it will last longer.  Tried and tested to last for 20+ years.


Lawn edging that is easy to use

This Lawn edging is easy to cut and make into whatever shape your garden needs, however it is still strong and durable. It is far more flexible than wood or metal. These Long-lasting Strimmer-Resistant Edgings make it easy to create curves and corners to your lawn and borders. Saves more than 50% of your Lawn Edge maintenance time.



  • Around lawns to save time when cutting the edging and to keep the lawn with a nice clean line around it.

  • Use to create small beds around trees. It will protect them from being damaged by strimmer’s and will prevent damage to the lawn by tree roots.

  • Protect elements in the lawn, such as metal or wooden posts, by reducing the rate that they rot or rust from the turf moisture.


Best value for money

The edging is a product that will last for many years - the best value for money.

The 2mm is as thick as a pound coin. So it makes the edging tough but nearly invisible.


Ideal for medium and large gardens

“Easy Enviro 2mm” will save hundreds of working hours, stop the back pain of using a strimmer - surely there are better things to do in your free time. 100% recycled plastic with low carbon foot-print made in Western Europe.


Available roll sizes of “Heavy Duty 2mm Easy Enviro” Lawn Edging:




  • 5m (16  ft)

  • 10m (32'8 ft)

  • 25m (82'6 ft)

  • 50m (165 ft)

  • 100m (328 ft)

  • 6inches  (15 cm)

  • About 5inches  (12 cm)

  • 4inches (10 cm)






Other Lawn edgings options


“Easy Enviro 1mm” Lawn Edging:

  • Will last 10 – 15 years.

  • Great for shear users as it is not corrugated.

  • Ideal for lawns and to retain gravel.

  • Recommended and used by hundreds of professionals and in thousands of gardens.





  • 5m  (16 ft)

  • 10m (32'8 ft)

  • 25m  (82'6 ft)

  • 50m (165 ft)

  • 100m (328 ft)

  • 6inches (15 cm)

  • About 5inches  (12 cm)





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5 Average based on 22 reviews Write a Review
Written by Janet on 22nd Sep 2016

Edging for path

Just the job for edging a small path from the lawn to the arbour. I wanted to enclose the path with some gravel to show off the alpine plants and this looks great. I laid it out overnight as suggested to loosen the coil. I did have a bit of a struggle getting it level to start with but that's because I'm not very good with a spade!

Written by Eva on 15th Sep 2016

Does the job

I needed something that would protect the bottom of a wooden fence from rotting - ie as a barrier against constant contact with damp soil. I saw this product online and it seemed suitable. It arrived tightly coiled so it took it a while to 'relax' enough for me to position it along the straight fence but apart from that it was easy to work with and I think it will serve the purpose very well. As a lawn edging it should be perfect!

Written by undefined on 8th Sep 2016


Have only just used the edging and so far pleased with quality it certainly seems strong enough. I cannot comment on its durability at this time as very new. This is the reason for 4 stars

Written by undefined on 6th Sep 2016


This is a good product, but on hindsight, I would have bought the heavier edging. It was difficult to lay straight edges and where my soil is lower than the edging, I feel that it needs some extra support. Not being able to find anything suitable, I've bought longer length tent pegs which have not arrived yet. I'm intending putting them in side-on to give extra strength. Unsure if it will work.

Written by undefined on 26th Aug 2016

Excellent Product

The lawn edging is a repeat purchase. The original has been in place for several years and is brilliant. We are now extending the crisp edge to the lawn.

Written by undefined on 16th Aug 2016


2mm x 150mm (6") good strong product delivered on time. Would advise opening up in sunlight to warm and make more pliable otherwise no problems, cut easy with Stanley knife

Written by MayB on 11th Jul 2016

Back for more

This is the second purchase of a lawn edger from Best4Garden. On the first occasion we used the 1mm edger which has been successful. On this occasion we decided to use the thicker 2mm version for a 12 foot round bed cut into lawn and includes a bird bath. Taking care with measuring and removing soil to get the levels right, we now have a feature which is firm, completely round and level. The only point I would make is that because the edger (necessarily) comes rolled up, the curve of the edger is tight when unrolled. So, on the evening before we used it, we stretched it out flat overnight which made it easier to use. Very pleased with the result and would definitely use the 2mm again.

Written by undefined on 13th Jun 2016


We were looking for something modern looking to go around a series of 3 circular lawns that were being dug out of a boring front garden. I found this searching the internet and it was perfect. Easy to lay, easy to curve and looks so much better than the cheap green stuff from b&q!

Written by undefined on 10th Jun 2016

Super edging

It was strong and flexible so worked really well to define edge of path, which will now get attention but at least the weeds that are separated from the flower beds.

Written by William Allen on 23rd May 2016

Most effective edging

This single stretch of 8 metres alongside our flags makes the perfect edging picture for our garden beds. I found it easy to fit and it looks as if it will last for years.