Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum Sweet Silvio

  • Beautiful easy care flowers

  • Stunning flowers and foliage - Snowy white flowers

  • Air Purifying properties - Refreshes the environment

  • Ideal gift for Lily Lovers this Christmas

  • Gift wrapping and personal messages available.


The Peace Lily is a beautiful, easy care houseplant. This Lily is stunning both whilst in bloom and between blooms, its deep glossy leaves are strongly veined and arch away from the plant's base. A pleasure to the eye in both home and office environments, as an undemanding plant. The Sweet Silvio variety has white flowers emerging from leaf stalks with a cupped white spathe, which will fade in colour over time. The center of the flower is an attractive pale yellow. The Peace Lily also has air purifying abilities, freshening the environment. A stunning gift for Christmas, suited to Lily lovers or someone special.


Pot size 14 cm. Height (inc pot) 60 cm approximately.

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