Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum Chopin

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  • Beautiful easy care flowers

  • Stunning flowers and foliage - Snowy white flowers

  • Air Purifying properties - Refreshes the environment

  • Ideal gift for Lily Lovers this Christmas

  • Gift wrapping and personal messages available.

  • Only one plant is supplied  


The Peace Lily is a beautiful, easy care houseplant. This Lily is stunning both whilst in bloom and between blooms, its deep glossy leaves are strongly veined and arch away from the plant's base. A pleasure to the eye in both home and office environments, as an undemanding plant. This variety has white flowers emerging from leaf stalks with a cupped white spathe, which will fade in colour over time. The Peace Lily also has air purifying abilities, freshening the environment. A stunning gift for Christmas, suited to Lily lovers or someone special.


Pot Diameter 9 cm

Height (inc pot) 30 cm approximately.

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