6 Pack - Elegant Oval Planter with Saucer

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Pack of 6 planters

• Cottage Garden fence panel inspired design

• Integrated saucer, preventing messy leakage 

• Rod support for strong design element 

• Available in a variety of colours - Options with three colours will receive 2 planters of each colour. The mixed option will provide 6 planters from the full range of colours. Please note that duplicates may occur depending on stock levels. 

• UV Protected.


Charming Fence Panel Inspired Window Box

These unique fence panel inspired planters are perfect to add colour and flare to any space.
Add your favourite flowers or herbs to any area effortlessly with ease, perfect idea for those

with little space to work with, or if you want to add another dimension of colour to your garden,
patio or window. The ideas are endless as it comes with a rod support so can be attached to
most areas, or placed anywhere to brighten up your view!


Latest in Design

Integrated saucer design, never over water your plants again! This new and innovative design
effect means that your plants will never be sat in water for prolonged times again. The saucer
design lets the flowers or plants drink as much as they need too whilst letting the rest fully
drain from the planter, ensuring no over watering.


Product dimension’s (cm/inch):

50cm(L)/20cm (W)/16cm(H)


Product Weight (Kg/Lbs)

0.6 / 1.3


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