Butterwort- Pinguicula Weser carnivorous plant

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  • Carnivorous plant- leaves and flowers covered in a sheen of adhesive which traps flies

  • Pretty pink flowers with succulent-like leaves

  • Easy to care for plant- would be ideal on a sunny windowsill around the house

  • One of the most attractive carnivorous plants due to the pink flowers

  • A great gift for a friend, relative or a carnivorous plant collector


Pot: 9 cm Height: N/A

The Pinguicula Weser is a unique carnivorous plant that looks very different to the common carnivorous Venus Flytrap. The leaves and flowers are covered in droplets of adhesive, which traps many different types of flies. The flowers are small, delicate and pink, and the leaves of the plant look very similar to a succulent. The plant is easy to care for, and would be ideal on a sunny windowsill. They can also be put in the garden, but should be taken indoors in freezing weather. This plant is one of the most attractive carnivorous plants due to it’s pretty pink flowers, It would also be a great gift for a friend, family member or work colleague, or a starting point to a carnivorous plant collection.

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Do not use tap water for this plant . Being a living plant we Offer 5 days only from receiving the plant.


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Written by Lauren on 19th Nov 2020

Butterwort Review

The plants travelled well, they’re pretty happy now that they’ve been stuck in water for a while. And customer service was great as I’d put a typo in my postcode so really helpful that they rang me up and fixed it quickly