Common Staghorn Fern in Hanging Basket - Platycerium Bifurcatum

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  • Refreshing decorative foliage in large hanging basket

  • Standout deer horn shaped fronds - Can reach up to 90cm in length!

  • Statement Gift plant for Christmas - Easy care makes it suitable for all to look after

  • Ideal for adding greenery to conservatories, kitchens, offices and bedrooms

  • Available from December 2017 - Gift wrap and personalised messaging available for a complete gift package


The Common Staghorn Fern is easy to care for and is fast becoming a popular decorative houseplant. It is an ideal gift for gardeners which will only be available for a short period over Christmas. This fern makes a bold addition to offices, conservatories and kitchens. It has been named after the impressive fork-tipped leaf fronds, which resemble the horns of a staghorn deer. These are a grey-green colouring and can grow up to 90cm, making an impressive statement in any room.


This fern also has a second set of leaf fronds which cover the bottom of the plant, which are arching and rounded in nature. The Common Staghorn Fern is evergreen and epiphytic in nature. It is supplied in a hanging basket to really display its stunning range of leaves, whilst also making it easy to display in nearly any indoor location. Add some greenery to homes and offices with this statement fern!


Pot diameter: 20cm

Height (inc pot): 60cm


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