Elephants Bush - Crassula

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  • Very easy care - Suitable for anyone, thrives on neglect.

  • Early Spring Bloom - Small pink flowers contrast well against glossy green leaves.

  • Ideal house or office plant - Great for Desks, Tables and Windowsills

  • Great Gift for any occasion - Even those lacking the green fingered touch!

  • Simple yet decorative succulent for adding colours and texture to rooms.


The Elephant Bush is a succulent with fleshy, glossy green leaves. These green leaves contrast well against the thick brown stems and it’s small pink flowers produced in early spring. A popular plant with succulent fans, as the Elephant Bush is very low maintenance and often thrives on some neglect. However they will thrive best when kept in a bright, warm room. They tend to reach a few feet tall when grown indoors, compared to their large size in it’s natural habitat. A wonderful small shrub that will create colour and textures in any room. Elephant’s Bush makes an ideal gift for those who lack Green Fingers but would still like the pleasure of growing plants.

Pot size 14 cm. Height (inc pot) approximately 20-25 cm.


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