Exotic Elephants Ear- Large Plant With Massive Tropical Leaves.

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  • Large, Rich Green, Glossy Leaves above large long stems.

  • Easy to care for - Great for Stunning Office or Home decoration.

  • Delivery and Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Stunning first impressions with Tropical Highlights.


This superb plant  makes a stunning upright clump, Each giant, glossy, green, heavily-scalloped leaf is held sturdily upright atop a thick, sturdy stalk. The upward facing leaves of 'Portodora' is a rich green, spade-shaped and have wavy edges which creates the common nickname 'elephant ear'. This impressive plant is a must have to make your home that extra bit tropical.

Height (inc pot): 130cm / 4.2ft  approximately

Pot Diameter: 21cm

Position: Partial Sun/Partial Shade


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