Entangled Hearts Vine - Ceropegia Woodii

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Strengths of the Heart of Strings:


  • Season of interest: Year round.

  • Long trailing stems can grow to a meter or more in length.

  • Cute heart shaped leaves grow in pairs at even intervals along the slender stems.

  • Decorative all on their own with lace patterned leaves.

  • Popular succulent that will enhance any room.


The Entangled Heart Vine is a charming succulent with a distinctive personality. This carefree classic beauty has small heart shaped leaves with a grey patterned leaves and purple underneaths. Also referred to as hearts on a string, the pinkish purple wiry stem and lantern shaped flowers provide a warming charm. The Heart Vine also has water storing tubes which are effective at drought prevention. This Sweet heart vine is sure to captivate and charm.


Growing tips


  • Uses: Indoor as a hanging basket, as a trailing potted plant for shelves or windowsills.

  • Maintenance: Easy, hardly any care is needed.

  • Hardiness: Not Hardy, Keep as an indoor houseplant.

  • Soil Type: Sand/Loam soil

  • Location: Sheltered or Partial Shade

  • Watering: Keep the soil very lightly moist in spring and summer. Water sparingly in fall and winter.

  • Prefers a good dowsing with tepid water, followed by almost completely drying out.


Plant supplied information:


  • Small - Pot size 6cm.

  • Medium - Pot size 10cm.

  • Large - Pot size 14cm

  • All sizes are available as a pair or trio set. The Large and Medium are also available as an individual plant.

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