Entangled Hearts Vine - Ceropegia Woodii

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Strengths of the Heart of Strings:


  • Season of interest: Year round.

  • Long trailing stems can grow to a meter or more in length.

  • Cute heart shaped leaves grow in pairs at even intervals along the slender stems.

  • Decorative all on their own with lace patterned leaves.

  • Popular succulent that will enhance any room.


The Entangled Heart Vine is a charming succulent with a distinctive personality. This carefree classic beauty has small heart shaped leaves with a grey patterned leaves and purple underneaths. Also referred to as hearts on a string, the pinkish purple wiry stem and lantern shaped flowers provide a warming charm. The Heart Vine also has water storing tubes which are effective at drought prevention. This Sweet heart vine is sure to captivate and charm.


Growing tips


  • Uses: Indoor as a hanging basket, as a trailing potted plant for shelves or windowsills.

  • Maintenance: Easy, hardly any care is needed.

  • Hardiness: Not Hardy, Keep as an indoor houseplant.

  • Soil Type: Sand/Loam soil

  • Location: Sheltered or Partial Shade

  • Watering: Keep the soil very lightly moist in spring and summer. Water sparingly in fall and winter.

  • Prefers a good dowsing with tepid water, followed by almost completely drying out.


Plant supplied information:


  • Small - Pot size 6cm.

  • Medium - Pot size 10cm.

  • Large - Pot size 14cm

  • All sizes are available as a pair or trio set. The Large and Medium are also available as an individual plant.

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Written by Cherise on 5th May 2019

Lovely plant

Well packaged and top quality plant!

Written by Gail Kelly on 9th Jun 2016

lovely healthy plants

Very pleased with my 2 new Entangled Hearts Vines. Not cheap but lovely healthy plants, well packaged.

Written by undefined on 24th May 2016

very pleased

Arrived well packaged and the plants are very healthy

Written by Roberta on 8th May 2016

Lovely plant

Plant arrived well packaged, with the long branches neatly wrapped and undamaged. Looks healthy.