Extra Large Common Aspidistra - Classic easy growing Houseplant With a Modern grey ceramic pot

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The aspidistra or cast iron plant is a very easy to grow plant that can be kept indoors or outdoors. It is known for its elegant, dark green leaves and makes a lovely house or office plant.

The plant can stand tolerate shade and so can grow in dark areas, such as shaded rooms or under trees in the garden.

They have been a popular plant to own since the victorian era. A lovely gift for birthdays or simply a beautiful plant to own. 14cm pot size, 50-60cm height.




  • Easiest House plant to grow
  • Aspidistra can grow In low light 
  • Slow growing and nearly free of maintenance.
  • Known for its ability to purify the air and eliminate harmful elements in indoor environment  
  •  Supplied with hand made ceramic pot grey with white wash stripes. Providing  smart clean look and preventing drainage mess . 
  • Ideal on any table/ desk at home or office.
  • Plant size may vary from 70cm to 100cm internal pot size 17cm 


Exclusive Deal of a white quality pot and a easy care plant  at reduced price!!

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