Cycas Revoluta Japanese sago palm – King Sago Palm 12-14 Leaves, beautiful and ornate for a taste of the Orient

  • Slow Growing, hardy, perennial and evergreen. Easy to care for, create a tropical paradise!
  • Aesthetically beautiful, 12-14 rosetta shaped leaves.
  • Originating from Southern Japan and some parts of China.
  • Pot size 12cm.


Cycas are evergreen dioecious perennials with stout woody trunks, ours come bearing 12-14 large, leathery, pinnate leaves in a terminal rosette. Aesthetically beautiful the only difference between the male inflorescences are large and cone-like, female ones consist of smaller, modified leaves. Slow growing, easy to care for and hardy, originally from Southern Japan and areas in China, splendid addition to any home, creating a charming augmentation of the Orient in your own home!


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