King Sago Palm - Cycas Revoluta

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  • Slow Growing, hardy, perennial and evergreen. Easy to care for, create a tropical paradise!
  • Aesthetically beautiful, Rosetta shaped leaves.
  • Originating from Southern Japan and some parts of China.
  • Smaller leaves make for a beautiful present.
  • Pot size 8cm.



The Cycas are evergreen dioecious perennials with stout woody trunks, ours come bearing 6-8 large, leathery, pinnate leaves in a terminal rosette. Aesthetically beautiful the only difference between the male inflorescences are large and cone-like, female ones consist of smaller, modified leaves. Slow growing, easy to care for and hardy, originally from Southern Japan and areas in China, splendid addition to any home and with the smaller leaves and white ceramic pot makes for great present, creating a charming augmentation of the Orient in your own home!

Other Details
Width: 9.00 (cm)
Height 9.00 (cm)
Depth 9.00 (cm)
Gift Wrapping: Options Available
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