Dwarf Doyenne de Comice Pear Tree


Doyenne de Comice is a very juicy pear, it is considered the Queen of Pears if you are looking for flavour, the texture and taste are truly outstanding. Comice is widely considered to have the best flavour of any pear. It has both the characteristic "melting" flesh of the highest quality pear varieties, along with a sweet richness and delicacy which others can't quite attain.


Pot size 18cm. Height 90cm approximately.

Growing tips:


  • The ideal position for a pear tree is a sunny, sheltered site, well away from any frost pockets. Avoid poorly drained or shallow soils.

  • Growing your own fruit is educational, therapeutic, fun and also environmentally friendly, You won’t have to carry bags from the supermarket and there is no cost on mileage. They look great on the garden patio and also on balconies.

  • It needs warmth, shelter from winds, a nearby pollination partner such as Beth or Concorde and spraying against scab.

  • It has irregular crops

  • Pick-mid November to December.




  • Makes a great dessert

  • It produces medium to large fruit

  • They look lovely on your garden patio and on the balcony

  • Very therapeutic and it is great to grow your own fruit

  • They taste and smell nice and they are educational and fun for children and adults

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