Chinese Evergreen - Aglaonema Cutlass

  • Attractive,easy care evergren indoor plant - Suitable for all to grow.

  • Tolerant of low light conditions - Ideal for homes and offices.

  • Adds a relaxed and natural touch to where it is placed.

  • Known for their air filtering properties.

  • Makes a lovely gift for new homes, thank yous and birthdays.


Chinese Evergreens are striking tropical foliage plants, that are one of the most durable houseplants around. They have long, narrow blade shaped leaves which are silvery green with darker green markings. Aglaonema Cutlass are attractive and easy to care for plants that can make even a novice gardener look like an expert! They are tolerant of poor/fluorescent lighting, dry air and drought making them ideal for home and office environments. Chinese evergreens are also popular because of their air filtering properties, they will help to reduce the amount of pollutants and chemicals in their environment. Aglaonemas will add a relaxed and natural touch to anywhere they are placed. Pot 12cm, Height approximately 40cm (inc pot).

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