Indoor plant – Spathiphyllum Vivaldi - Height: 70 Green Glazed Ceramic Planter

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Indoor plant – Spathiphyllum Vivaldi - Large flowers with Tall Ceramic Planter.


 The Spathiphyllum has been a popular plant in Europe since the 19th century. Because of the striking shape of the large white flowers, Spathiphyllum is also called spoon plant.


If you take care of the plant, she will continuously make new flowers and you can enjoy this eye-catcher for a long time. This Vivaldi has smaller and narrower leaves than the big sister Lauretta.


Working for your health - air purifying plant 

Years ago, the NASA researched the oxygen production of all kinds of different plants. Maybe this could be perfect for long space journeys. That research showed something special: the Spathiphyllum is a plant that works strongly air-purifying. The plant converts CO2 into oxygen, better than many other plants.The plant can also very effectively break down harmful substances in the air and improve the air humidity.Perfect for homes in the city and for houses with little ventilation!


Care recommendation It originates from the Amazon region and is therefore used to room temperatures of at least 14 degrees Celsius Spathiphyllum needs a lot of water The soil should always stay slightly wet Spray regularly to prevent brown from turning brown Give Spathiphyllum once a month some food A flower should be white. The Spathiphyllum grows the pot The best place to repot in spring is to place the Spathiphyllum  in a spot with moderate light A bathroom is ideal for Spathiphyllum: less light and a lot of moisture! The delivered plant is similar to the picture.


  • Easy care plant that will keep flowering
  • Romantic Looking soft looking leaves and flowers
  • Air purifying from harmful gasses
  • Supplied with modern green ceramic planter.
  • This combination of the plant and pot creating impressive and calming effect great for kitchen office desk etc 


One plant  in a room will already make you feel better, research showing that one large plant for 10 sq/m is enough to keep the air clean.




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Width: 17.00 (cm)
Height 70.00 (cm)
Depth 17.00 (cm)
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