Italian Cypress Totem

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  • A beautiful Italian plant.

  • A low maintenance, fully hardy evergreen.

  • Adds an elegant look to your garden or around your path, door or gate.

  • Grows in a straight and compact way easy to keep at the size you wish.

  • Has a lovely dark green colouring all year round.


 A Splendid Italian plant to own.

The Cypress Totem (also known as Cupressus Totem) is a beautiful Italian plant. It has a lovely dark green colouring, which has made it a popular plant to own. It grows in a straight and compact style, which is easy to maintain at any size you wish. Being an Italian clone means it has kept its beautiful character. An Italian clone means that it is propagated in a way to create a perfect copy of the original plant.


Create a formal elegance.

These plants have often been used in elegant formal gardens to line the paths or garden edges. They are also well suited to being placed either side of a door or gate in pairs, to add luxury style. The Cypress Totem is well suited to being in pots or planted directly into the ground. It is known as one of the most beautiful trees because of its compact growth and vivid green colouring. One of these fine-looking plants could be the perfect addition to your garden, driveway or pathway!


Easy to care for Evergreen.

The Cypress Totem is evergreen, so will keep its beautiful looks all year round, with a high level of hardiness that will survive temperatures as cold as -15C. It is also resilient to dry periods which will have no effect on the way the plant looks. It is a very easy to grow plant that needs limited maintenance and nearly no pruning - So will continue to look elegant throughout the year.


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