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Brilliant Aloe Vera Plant 


  • A delightful looking plant
  • Easy to grow plant.
  • Has many healing properties.
  • Great plant for keeping in offices, bedrooms, kitchens and many more places.


A beautiful plant to own.

Aloe Vera is a beautiful plant with many uses to it, not only does it make it a beautiful plant but also has many healing qualities.

The Aloe Vera plant has fleshy, narrow green leaves with spiky margins and tubular greenish-yellow flowers of around 3cm in length.

It has a similar look to some Cactus types though is more beneficial than a cactus.


Easy to care for.

The Aloe Vera plant is an evergreen plant that is easy to care for and requires no pruning.

However when using as a medicinal treatment remove a lower leaf from the plant, slice it open and apply the gel onto affected area.


A great healing plant.

Aloe Vera gel is excellent for treating burns, cuts, rashes as well as being effective for stings and bites.

The sap from the Aloe Vera is a thick gel which relieves pain and gives a cooling sensation. It is also popular for use on sunburn to cool and soothe the burn.

On general burns it prevents the formation of Blisters. The gel can also be used on pets with similar problems.

A further use of Aloe Vera is for using on dry skin to add moisture back in.


Suitable for a great range of places.

Overall Aloe Vera is a great looking plant well suited to bedrooms, offices, tables and anywhere else in the home or work place.

With its easy care and many benefits it is a great plant to own or use as a gift. Its slightly unique style will contrast really well against soft looks to add a sharper edge.



Attractive  air purifier 

The NASA Clean Air Study shows that Aloë vera has air-purifying properties.

The plant is particularly good at absorbing formaldehyde and benzene, substances that are found in some cleaning products, paints, glue and textiles.




Healthy foodies are going mad about Aloë drinks that are said to do wonders for your digestion, help you lose weight and boost your immune system.

There’s virtually no scientific evidence for this though - the only thing you can say for certain is that the drinks taste good on a hot day.

In any case don’t make any drinks from the pure plant gel,




Aloë vera is used to care for the scalp and for the treatment of dandruff or abnormal hair loss.




Aloë vera is often used in nutritional supplements and/or cosmetics products. manufacturers of Aloë Vera products.

If a tube or jar features the IASC logo, you can be sure that all is well



Product Description.

Pot size - 17cm

Plant height – 55cm

Plant is about 5 years old 

Plant is supplied as seen in main image.

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