Large Japanese Banana Tree - Musa Basjoo

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  • Add a tropical touch to any home or garden
  • Large, green paddle leaves - Can grow up to 3 meters in length
  • Produces creamy yellow flowers and brown bracts in summer
  • Fast Growing - Ideal for use in pots for display in homes, offices and patios
  • Can produce small inedible banana like fruits - Ideal for jungle and exotic themes.


The Japanese Banana Tree adds a tropical atmosphere to any garden. This stunning plant produces large paddle-like leaves, in a bright green shade, which can grow up to 3 meters

long. Providing a jungle like feel when kept in the home, office or garden, the Japanese Banana is ideal for keeping in large planters.


This Banana produces creamy yellow flowers, during the summer months, with an interesting addition of large brown bracts (coloured leaves). After the flowers, the plant can produce inedible banana like fruits, when given the optimum conditions. Though a hardy plant, protection from the frosty months helps to keep the plant healthy.


Japanese Banana Trees are very fast growing, evergreen trees, which can reach the height of 5 meters. The height can be controlled by the planting space it is given. An ideal addition to Conservatories, Greenhouses, Offices or Homes and gardens.


Pot size: 22 cm

Height (inc pot): 150 cm approximately.


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