Large Mature Stem Madagascar Dragon Tree - Dracaena Marginata. Mature Indoor Plant with Rare Mature, Textured Stem and in contrast . 140cm

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  • MATURE with Rare Mature, Textured Stem and in contrast, fresh new leaves .

  • IMPRESSIVE: Thick aged Bark - Stunning Bonsai appeal.
  • EASY:  Requires limited and simple care.

  • Ideal feature plant for Office / Shop and Home.

  • HEALTHY: This plant is an air-purifying champion, recommended.


The Red-edge Dracaena is an upright mass of narrow arching leaves. The foliage is mainly green with cream and red/purple stripes on the outer edge. Dracaena  that requires very limited care. Also known as the Madagascar Dragon Tree, it is best suited to warm room temperatures and is proven to help with air purification. Dragon Trees are an ideal feature plant for homes and offices, their simple yet elegant looks make them suit any style.

This plant is an air-purifying champion, recommende by Nasa to clear indoor air from indoor air polutions.

Pot Size 32cm, Height (inc pot) approximately 140 cm.





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