Large 'Myers' Asparagus Fern - Foxtail fern

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  • Evergreen plant that will provide interest all year round.

  • Needle like leaves with a soft and delicate look.

  • Great for growing in planters and hanging baskets.

  • Easy to care for - Flourish with limited care.

  • An unusual yet wonderful plant for gardens, containers and hanging planters.


The Foxtail Fern is an evergreen plant which brings colour to your home and garden all year round. A spring flowering plant that will produce white flowers through to autumn when red berries are then produced. Foxtail Fern’s will add a contrast against perennial beds and borders. They have needle-like leaves that look soft and delicate on its arching branches. It is an excellent choice for hanging baskets and planters because of its spreading characteristics and fine textures. Foxtail are a tough and hardy plant that will flourish with only limited care. They are also drought resistant so make an excellent choice for all garden types. An unusual yet wonderful plant for gardens, containers and hanging planters.

Pot size 17cm, height 45cm.


Caring tips


  • The plant needs attention when it is first brought home, but once the plant adjusts it becomes easy to care for.

 * the plant prefer temp above 1cl

* Prefer lots of sun / light  but is ok with less light. High lights makes the leaves brighter

* It is easy care but slow growing plant, If in budget you can order a large one .

We supply 3 sizes : Small Pot 13cm,  Large Pot 17, and Mature pot21.

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Written by MISS EMILY E THOMAS on 25th Aug 2020


Very happy with the plant lots of foliage very fast delivery very happy with the product