Best4Garden No-Dig Edging (Economy)

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  • Durable, No dig garden, Driveway, Path and Brick Edging.
  • Creates a crisp, clean and distinctive look - Black or Green (Khaki).

  • Easy to install, cut and reinstall.

  • Safe and flexible with lasting durability

  • Easy to shape any way - Adapts to straight or curved areas

  • Each section's length is 75cm - Fully recycled and 100% recyclable

  • 3 Nails included per pack.

Create clean crisp edges to create neat tidy garden while saving on maintenance costs and many hours of hard labour. There are many uses for ‘Best4Garden No-Dig Edging’ such as separating gravel or bricks, or to use as lawn edging. The edging will stop weeds and turf from growing into the edged area; it will also hold bricks/gravels/mulch/pebbles in place.

The edging is supplied in straight strips but adapts to follow any path or bedding with curved areas. It is suitable for use in any soil conditions making an ideal solution for ‘Best4Garden No-Dig Lawn and Path edging.’ The edging is very easy to install and reinstall with plastic pegs that anchor it to the ground. It can be used to edge against any materials including gravel, stone, turf, wood chips, bark, mulch and other aggregates. No-Dig Edging will prevent grass from entering bedding, stone/gravel and paved areas. The edging will be visually aesthetic and provide a defined separation between areas. No-Dig edging is made from fully recycled plastic providing a green edging solution that is time and cost effective.

'Best4Garden No-Dig Edging' is suitable for use with a wide range of materials and areas, these include; gardens; around trees and bushes; flower beds; lawn/turf/grass areas; turf roll laying; driveways; walkways; patios; yards and paving edges.

The edging is 8cm width and 75cm length, with 9 fixing holes that are usable with the plastic nails supplied. The edging strips are connectable so any length can be achieved.

Depth Options:

4.5cm height

6cm height

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The product is top quality with excellent functionality and easy to install.