Lithops - Living Stone Succulent- Great As a Gift.

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  • Excellent way to add decoration to rooms.

  • Ideal for home and office use - Great for windowsills, bookshelves, tables etc.

  • Makes an interesting present for all - Perfect for Children and Teens.

  • Well kept Lithops will flowering during the autumn or early winter - Daisy-like

  • Very easy care - Needs little watering


Lithops commonly referred to as living stones are an intriguing succulent, which mimics the look of stones or pebbles. They are small, split succulents which rarely grown more than an inch above the soil surface. Living stones have no true stem and much of the plant is below soil level. They are native to the deserts of South Africa and thrive in sandy soil with little water. They have the ability to camouflage making them extra interesting addition to homes and offices.

Flourishing Lithops produce flowers during the autumn and early winter, the flowers are daisy-like in shape and colours. These wonderful small succulents are very easy to care for require little water. Lithops are perfect for adding decoration to homes and offices, their small size makes them perfect for us on desks, shelves, bookcases and tables. An ideal gift plant that Children and Teens will enjoy looking after.

Pot size 6cm.


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