Pair of Laurus nobilis Standard Bay Tree Shaped with Plaited Stem - Height 85cm 3ft+)


Pair of Laurus nobilis Shaped Standard Bay Leaf trees With an Elegant Plaited Stem.

Pair of Laurus nobilis Shaped Standard Bay Leaf trees With Plaited Stem are evergreen foliage and  and well shape adds a lot of charm to any garden entrance .

Classic Chooice Plant with exlussive plaited stemelegant design.

  • MTURE TREE:  The Head can be grown to a larger Ball or trimmed once a year.
  • HEIGHT:  85cm about 3ft 
  • HARDINESS: -15 Celsius, very easy to grow.
  • PREFERED SOIL: Well drained but will grow in any soil.
  • Fragrant and Useful.
  • EVERGREEN: Looking Amazing All year around, well shaped with elegant Braided stem.
  • CARE LEVEL: Very easy to grow, No need for much watering or pruning.
  • IDEAL GIFT: for weddings, new house and for a gardener at any level.
  • BESTSELLER: Our Line Of Shaped Bay Tree are very popular due to the high quality and beautiful plaited stem .


Pair Of Bay Leaf Trees, Laurus Nobilis

HEIGHT: About 3ft  85cm

POT SIZE: 21cm.

Straight stem 

Go a head and Improve the Look of the ouse / Shop / Garden with a beautiful pair Option.


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