Swiss Cheese Plant - Provided with Moss Stick Support - 2 sizes 80cm and 115cm

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  • A stunning tropical plant, favourably nicknamed as “Delicious Monster”, thanks to it’s large eventual size.

  • Interesting leaves with splits and holes mimicking the look of Swiss Cheese.

  • Ideal for use in conservatories, large rooms, hotels, restaurant foyers and offices.

  • Very easy to care and maintain - Will grow using Moss Stick provided

  • Best kept indoors, in partial shade

  • Available in November Only 

The Swiss Cheese Plant is a unique and fascinating foliage plant. A large growing plant, which is easy to care for and maintain. Swiss Cheese Plants produce heart shaped leaves which develop slits and holes as the plant matures, hence the “Swiss Cheese” name. These foliage features are said to have formed due to it’s natural rainforest habitat. Ideal for large rooms or open indoor areas requiring a large climbing feature plant. This plant has also been referred to by the name “Delicious Monster” which describes the monster sizes this large plant can reach. Cheese plants thrive in most indoor environments, however it is rare for them to produce flowers or fruits outside their natural habitat. Their thick stemmed vines help them to support and grow on other vegetation in nature, though they will make use of the moss stick provided to help them to grow taller. An ideal gift plant for special occasions or simply a stunning indoor plant to own.


Available in two sizes:

Medium - Pot size 19cm, Height (inc pot) 80cm approximately.

Large - Pot size 24cm, Height (inc pot) 115cm approximately.


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