White bird of paradise - Strelitzia Augusta- Large Fan shape

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  • Stunning paddle shaped leaves - Grey green tones

  • Bird-like flowers - Eye-catching and very large

  • Ideal for conservatories, offices and greenhouses

  • Exotic gift plant for any special occasion

  • Very fast growing and easy to care for


The White Bird of Paradise is a stunning plant, originating from South Africa. Also known as Strelitzia, this ornamental plant is very fast growing, and easy to care for. This plant has very large paddle shaped leaves, in an attractive grey-green tone. The leaves are instantly impacting, as they are arranged like a fan at the top of its stems. The Birds of paradise is named after its bird-like large white flowers, which emerge from purple bracts (coloured leaves). These are produced once the plant is mature, adding an amazing tropical touch to gardens or homes. The Strelitzias sheer size makes for an eye-catching and impressive display. This Bird of Paradise brings a jungle feel to any large conservatories or greenhouses.


Care information:

Strelitzia is a tender plant, which needs to be sheltered from frost and strong winds, to prevent leaves shedding. However when kept in a conservatory or greenhouse, it can be moved outside during warmer months, as it needs to be kept above 5℃. Birds of Paradise is drought resistant and prefers being kept in direct sunlight. To restrict the plants height and promote flowering, this plant should be kept root bound, meaning their is limited need for replanting.


Pot size: 19cm

Height (inc pot):95cm approximately


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