Myrtus stem plant- small tree-like evergreen shrub

  • Will arrive pruned into shape. This will need to be maintained to help with flowering

  • Has a lovely smell with waxy leaves and unique flowers. Sometimes has edible berries

  • Produces white or pale pink flowers in the late Summertime

  • The plant needs full, bright light to avoid lopsided growth, making it a great plant for a conservatory


This Myrtus plant is a small tree which is best suited to being indoors in colder areas of the world. The plant does need full sun however, so may be better suited to a conservatory, or somewhere with a lot of light. It has lovely aromatic waxy leaves and arrives perfectly pruned when ordered, and it is best to avoid heavy pruning if you would like many flowers.This plant also produces white or pale pink flowers in the Summer time, and sometimes produces edible berries. The Myrtus will need watering regularly, but just enough so the soil is moist. This plant would be a great gift for a friend or loved one.


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