Olive Tree Bonsai in a Bowl Gift Thick Stem Mature Tree- Pot size - 25cm, Plant height (inc pot) 40cm - 50cm approx.

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    Olive Tree Bonsai Large Mature tree with very Old stem roots exposed.
    Amazing Plant to have, Tough and easy to grow , Mentioned in the bible as most beautiful tree.
    Grown in Israel!!

  • Olive trees can grow for thousands of years so it will be a gift to pass through generations.
  • Wonderful gift for passing down generations or for a gift that will last.

  • Olives are a hardy plant that will withstand limited watering and simple care.

  • Ideal for giving a wish of success and peace to friends.

  • Olives trees are the most mentioned plant in the Bible.


Olive Bonsai’s are a gift that can be passed down many generations of family, making them an extra special gift. They are traditionally used as a representation of peace and success with many homes using them to decorate front gardens and doorways. Olives are the most mentioned plant in the bible and can be the perfect gift or decoration of your home. They are very forgiving plants that anyone can grow, even if you forget to water them for long time they will still look happy. If you forget to water them for many weeks then it will lose its leaves but usually comes back to its original form once watered. An ideal gift that can be for a friend, new home or new start, Olive trees can live for many years making them a gift that will last. A beautiful plant to pass down through generations.

Pot size - 25cm, Plant height (inc pot) 40cm - 50cm approx.

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