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Best4Garden Heavy Duty No-Dig Edging

Usually delivered in 1 to 2 days after purchase.

Product Description

  • Bendable Garden, Path and Brick Edging - Requires No Digging.

  • Creates a crisp, clean and distinctive look

  • Easy to install and reinstall.

  • Safe and flexible with lasting durability

  • Easy to shape any way - Adapts to straight or curved areas

  • Ideal for edging paths, driveways and ponds.


The Heavy Duty No-Dig edging is an almost effortless solution to garden or lawn edging. It is made from high quality recycled plastic that allows for curves and circles to be created whilst staying strong and resistant to weather or UV damage. The edging can be used to edge different surfaces such as gravel from lawn, frame pathways and outdoor ponds as well as to protect trees and bushes. This makes keeping different materials separate from each other and mowing around trees/bushes a much easier process.

Heavy Duty No-Dig edging is easy to install using the plastic pegs/nails supplied. These are also made from fully recycled plastic that can be hammered in the ground to secure the edging. Though if you prefer iron nails can also be used to secure the edging. It is recommended that when installing a straight edge to nail with 3-4 plastic nails and when curving the edging to use 4-5 for maximum security. When installed following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, the plastic edging comes with a 10 year guarantee against crumbling or deforming edging due to natures effects.

Edging panel Specifications: Length:100cm Height:4.5cm Width:8cm Weight:0.45kg

Nail Specifications: Length 25.5 cm    Diameter 1.2 cm


Product Videos

Plastbort edgings stone composition with mulch and pine trees 02:03


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