Burro’s Tail - Sedum Morganianum

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  • Pot diameter: 14cm
  • Very easy and forgiving plant to grow
  • Distinctive blue-green colours. Braided appearance - thick fleshy leaves
  • Ornamental gift for use in offices, bathrooms and other rooms in the home.
  • Ideal for use in hanging baskets, large planters or for a fun twist try planting in more unusual containers.


The Sedum Morganianum-Hybrid is commonly called the Burro’s tail, Donkey’s tail or Lamb’s tail due to its resemblance of an animals tail. A popular and effortless houseplant with trailing properties, making it ideal for use in hanging baskets, large containers raised from the floor or for a fun twist it can be planted in a head shaped container for the appearance of dreadlocks.


Appearance: Distinctive evergreen leaves, lance-shaped with a braided appearance. Leaves are a blue-green shade with a fleshy appearance.


Care: Burro’s tail likes in-direct sunlight or partial shade and needs to be kept above 5℃, making it an ideal indoor plant for the home or office environment. They require little watering and are very forgiving if you forget occasionally. An easy to grow succulent, perfect for the bathroom, office or hallway.


Growing tips:

  • Pot sedums in a hanging planter or basket so that the stems trail over the edge.

  • Choose a planter with a thick rounded lip to prevent the stems from breaking or crimping which they often do in planters with a sharp narrow edge.

  • Position the hanging planter indoors near a source of bright, diffused light where ambient temperature stay around 70 F.

  • Choose a spot where the plant receives at least four hours of direct sun daily, such as near a west or south facing window with partial shade

  • Water the burrito sedum weekly during the active growing season. From late March until early October. Allow the potting soil to dry completely between waterings to prevent rot.

  • Water sparingly in winter, providing just enough moisture to keep the leaves from shriveling.

  • Feed the burrito sedum once in sprint just as new growth emerges from the stem tips. Use a balanced 12-12-12 fertilizer.

  • Apply the fertilizer at half the recommended strength to prevent root damage.

  • Water deeply - immediately after feeding.

  • Repot the burrito sedum every two to three years in Spring. Move the plant into a new hanging planter with a diameter increase of 1 inch.

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