Ficus Amstel King - Rare Spiral Stem

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  • Easy to grow in all indoor conditions - Excellent for use in homes and offices

  •  Attractive large, thick spiral stem and luscious green leaves.

  • Amstel King adds an architectural feature to any room.

  • Full and leathery foliage provide a tropical appeal.

  • An easy care alternative to the Weeping Fig Tree.

  • Plant needs to be kept in temperatures between 12 - 25°C. This means during the colder months the tree needs to be kept indoors, but away from heaters/radiators where they may dry the plant out. 


This “Ficus Amstel King spiral” is a close relative to the Weeping Fig Tree, however it is a much more tolerant and forgiving plant. It will rarely shed it’s leaves and can tolerate environmental changes, making it an ideal plant for homes or offices. It will also be an impressive addition to public locations such as shops, restaurants and pubs. The Amstel King is an upright growing plant with an attractive spiral stem.

The Amstel King has long green leaves, sometimes start off in a reddish bronze colour before maturing to the glossy greens. It is a slow growing tree which is tolerant to all weathers as an established tree. The larger, leathery foliage is fast growing and has a lush tropical appeal. The Amstel King Spiral adds an architectural feature to any room.

Pot size 35cm, Height approximately 140cm (inc pot).


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