Ficus Benjamina Twisted Stem

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  • Attractive small indoor tree - Glossy green leaves.

  • Exclusive elegant braided stem.
  • Very easy to grow plant - Suitable even for those with the talent to kill all plants.

  • Ideal gift for gardens, homes and offices.

  • Filters air from pollutants keeping it fresh and clean.

Weeping figs are a beautiful and easy to grow indoor tree, often grown for their attractive looks.T hey have an elegant form and dense glossy leaves arching from a light grey trunk. The Bushy Prince variety is a very easy to care for small tree, ideal for those who manage to kill most plants! The trees can survive for a few months if you forget to water them and will recover quickly from any damage caused. Given regular watering and good light the Weeping Fig will last for many years. They are known for filtering the air from pollutants, refreshing the air for a cleaner environment. Weeping Figs are an ideal gift for gardens, homes and offices, which can be cared for by all and will be a beautiful small tree.

Pot size is 21cm, height is approximately  95cm   


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