Dwarf Kordia Black Cherry Tree


The Kordia is a new black cherry variety which has quickly become popular with both commercial growers and gardeners on account of the large fruit size, glossy black skin and excellent flavour. Kordia cherries are also resistant to the splitting caused by summer rain, if you want a cherry that is very nice, this is the one to choose.

Growing tips and strengths:


  • The fruits of Kordia are produced mid season, ready for eating, on average, in the second week of July.

  • Fruits are of larger than average size. They are red to dark red and have a sweet but also acid flavour with a firm texture.

  • The picking period lasts a week.

  • This variety reliably produces a large amount of fruit.

  • Disease resistance is excellent, especially to canker and fruit-splitting.

  • Kordia is self-sterile and needs a pollination partner.

  • Gained the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 2014.

  • It is fully hardy in all parts of the UK.


Height: 90cm

Pot size: 18cm


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