Large Phlebodium aureum - Christmas Blue Star - Indoor Fern

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  • Calming Green-Blue Colouring

  • Adapts well  -  Can be kept in any indoor room

  • Ideal as a decorative potted plant

  • Air purifying properties

  • Delivery in December for Christmas - Please contact us if you require it before. 


The blue star is a large sea-weed like fern with sturdy arching fronds. This Ferns green-blue colouring and wild bunch like tousled leaves make it a calming plant for the home or office. Phlebodium Aureum’s will easily adapt to most climate types making it ideal for any room of the house. When kept along with other house plants the fern will bring a pleasing texture to the collection.

They are very decorative when kept on a small table or in a hanging basket, and can be ideal for filling and softening corners and doorways. Blue Star’s have air purifying properties which will help to clean the air from the harmful gases from your homes air, before being given back out as clean air.


Pot Diameter 19cm

Height (inc pot) 60cm approx.


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