Large Plaited Stem Money Tree Pachira aquatica pot 27cm 120-140cm

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  • A simply elegant looking indoor tree.

  • A great conversation point as a decorative plant.

  • Ideal for keeping as a conservatory or office plant.

  • Easily adapts - Virtually kill-proof.

  • Hardy plant that will adapt well to different conditions.


The plaited money tree is a simply elegant tree that comes with four stems intertwined between each other forming a single trunk. From this beautifully crafted trunk come large shiny green leaves that add an exotic look to the plant. Money Tree’s are virtually kill-proof, tidy and grow as large (or small) as you want them too. A very adaptable plant that is easy to look after; even acceptable of over watering. Money Tree’s make a lovely houseplant gift that will be ideal for offices and conservatories.

Plant Height (inc pot) 120cm -140 cm approximately and Pot Size 27cm


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