Laurus nobilis Standard Bay Tree - 1 tree Shaped with Plaited Stem - Height 100cm ( 3ft+)

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Laurus nobilis Shaped Standard Bay With Plaited Stem Tree - 1 tree.

This tree's evergreen foliage adds colour to your terrace, decking or patio. During winter they can
be taken indoors in a moderate heated room or conservatory, adding to the beauty of your indoor
design with its aromatic foliage.  Shaped Bay Trees Adds charm to any door / Entrance Garden or Patio.

  • MTURE TREE:  The Head can be grown to a larger Ball or trimmed once a year.
  • HEIGHT:  100 cm
  • HARDINESS: -15 Celsius, very easy to grow.
  • PREFERED SOIL: Well drained but will grow in any soil.
  • Fragrant and Useful.
  • EVERGREEN: Looking Amazing All year around .
  • CARE LEVEL: Very easy to grow, No need for much watering or pruning.
  • IDEAL GIFT: for weddings, new house and for a gardener at any level.
  • BESTSELLER: Our Line Of Shaped Bay Tree are very popular due to the high quality and beautiful plaited stem .


HEIGHT: 100cm

POT SIZE: 21cm.

Go a head and Improve the Look of the ouse / Shop / Garden with a beautiful pair Option.


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